Prayer of St. Bonaventure after Mass

Most sweet Lord Jesus, pierce my inmost heart with the most dear and most bracing wound on your love. Pierce it with true, serene, apostolic, and most holy charity, that my soul may ever yearn and melt with love for you and the desire to possess you. May my soul be drawn toward you and overwhelmed with the hope of entering your courts. May it long to be dissolved and to be with you.
Grant that my soul may hunger for you, the Bread of angels and the food of holy souls, our supersubstantial Bread, having in itself every sweetness and good taste, having the delightfulness of all that charms my heart. May my heart always long for you, and find its nourishment in you, on whom the angels long to gaze, and may my inmost heart be filled with the sweetness of your savor. May my heart thirst for you, the fountain of life and of wistom and of knowledge and of eternal life, the torrent of pleasure, and the richness of the house of God.
May my heart always draw near to you, seek you, catch signt of you, be drawn to you, and arrive at your presence. May my heart think of you, speak of you, and do all things that it does for the glory of your name, with humility and care and affection and delight, with eagerness and with deep feeling, and with perseverance to the end. Thus may you alone always be my hope, all my confidence, my joy, my rest and my tranquility, my peace, all that charms me; my fragrance, my sweetness, my food, my nourishment, my refuge, my help, my wisdom, my portion, my possession, my treasure. In you may my mind and my heart be fixed and secure and rooted forever without any change.